about this project

The project is a fork scanner. A paid and free version is offered.

Fork Scanner – a software product for earnings, whose purpose is to find forks and corridors in the top bookmakers in the world.

The success of betting depends on the time between updating the bookmaker’s factors and the fork.

This is a complex product, the success of which depends on the speed of interaction with the scanned resources and the speed of calculating the coefficients in the sample.

Project is a startup and at the development stage.

Currently, most of the product is already ready and functions.


My impact

My role in the project was to fully develop the server part.

I designed the database and the structure of the application.

The client / server communication format was developed in cooperation with the developer of the client part.

The application is executed as a plug-in to OctoberCMS. At the same time, the structure of the plugin is such that it is autonomous – by keeping the directory structure you can easily transfer it to another CMS or make it as an independent product.

Taking into account the purpose of the project, the task was set:
1) to collect data from the specified resources;
2) find between the collected compliance data;
3) calculate the fork for the match;
4) the results of calculations received must be filtered and presented to the user.

The system is designed in such a way that its support takes minimum effort. You can easily add templates for new resources and thereby increase the capacity of the system. To add new templates do not require highly qualified programmers.

Thanks to the realized structure of the project, it is enough to specify a page for parsing and use regular expressions or the library phpQuery to extract the necessary pieces and transfer it to the system for next calculations.

technical characteristics

  • Laravel based OctoberCMS
  • PhP
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • 3 sync servers
  • 1 general HTTP API
  • 12 sources to parse
  • custom unified templates system for parsing the sources
  • auto finding and using of free HTTP PROXY
  • auto database space control
  • parsing more than 200 pages and analyzing more than 8000 bets in 1 minute


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