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Engineering center “Drying” of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine is the leading enterprise of Ukraine in the sphere of development and implementation of new technologies of heating and drying in all industries and in everyday life.
Together with LLC “Agromat-decor” launched production of a wide range of heating devices of new generation on the basis of thick-film heating elements with increased service life and reduced power consumption. We are making individual orders modernization of heating systems and industrial equipment thick film heating elements.
We issue the international scientific journal “Ceramics: Science and Life”.


My impact

For this project, I changed the free theme and made a complete customization of it:
1) editing styles and scripts;
2) setting up contact forms;
3) setting up the directory and more.

To present the customer’s goods, a plug-in was added to form the catalog.

technical characteristics

  • WordPress
  • WordPress custom theme
  • Woocommerce catalog


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