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about this project

This is a system where advertisers could represent there avertisement in mobile apps that registrated on our DB.A platform for displaying banner ads in mobile application.

The system has 3 interfaces – for developer, advertiser and administrator.

The developer installs our code in his application. Further the ordered advertising banners are broadcasted on the developer’s applications.

For each click, the developer lists the set amount of bonuses. When you dial a certain number of bonuses you can transfer them to a bank card.

For both interfaces, you can view statistics on clicks and visits.


My impact

The work was carried out jointly with the developer for Android and iOS.

Personally I developed a CMS to manage the advertising campaigns of users.

Work on the development of the server part was to create: a database, an API for working with advertising stones, a system for collecting statistics, a system for control user rights.

I also developed a client part that consists of: an administrative panel, a user panel for managing campaigns and public pages.

technical characteristics

  • custom CMS created by me
  • PhP
  • jQuery
  • GPS-tracking
  • Device Detection
  • Googele Maps
  • Google Charts


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