Kotelok Market

about this project

KotelOk.Market is a powerful price aggregator that helps to choose a heating boiler at a price and a host of other parameters presented on the Internet.

Contains elements:
1) Price-aggregator of products (heating boilers, accessories, service);
2) Catalog: manufacturers, sellers, shops, maintenance and repair services;
3) Content (news, reviews, recommendations);
4) Calculators, means of statistics.


My impact

There were 2 programmers working on the project

My tasks included:
1) compilation of technical tasks;
2) development of the whole structure and functional;
3) creating a unique design;
4) publication of the resource on the Internet;
5) control the work of the second programmer (worked on parser templates and user interface).

technical characteristics

    • PhPixie2 framework
    • PhP
    • jQuery
    • GPS-tracking
    • Goods comparing
    • Parsing system
    • Automatically find similar products
    • Aggregator of user reviews + commenting system


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